Who wants Japanese Cars!?

Do you know there is many useful New & Used cars available in Japan. Its easy for You to import Cars from Japan.

JAPAN NEWS MAGAZINE also produced by Hiroshima Automobile co.

* How to get Japanese cars from Japan *

  • Choose your favolite cars from our Auto Catalogue.
  • found your favolite one, then Send your Car offer from page below form of its car details page.
  • Your Country
  • Your Budget *
  • Your Name *
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  • As we found your Car offer, we will contact you so soon.
  • Negotiates your Total prices with our staff.
  • Send your Deposit(at least 10% of total price) to our bank.
  • We will arrange your car, make it ready for shipping to your place.
  • Send your Balance until your cars coming ship day of Japan.
  • When ship sail away, We will send you B/L docs to you by airmail.
  • When ship arrives to your local port, go to your local port with your B/L docs.
  • Give your B/L docs to port staff, finish your customs and get your car there.
  • Drive it to your home, Bon voyage!